Meet Light FM presenters

By Ivy Robi

The main contributors to Light FMs programmes and shows are students from across our campuses. This section of our blog seeks to profile them and their shows.


In and Out of Kabuku by Stephen Wanjohi


Wanjohi hosting his show    PHOTO: Victor Mibei

Stephen Wanjohi, or just Wanjohi to his comrades is a second year Communication student at Limuru Campus.

In and Out of Kabuku is a weekly show that focuses on various issues.  The show is divided into various segments. One is ‘Humor of the week’. Another is ‘Happenings within Kabuku’ which highlights the main developments around the school’s off-campus environment. ‘Strength of a woman’ focuses on popular female personalities. There is also a segment on business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wanjohi chose this particular programme to highlight the issues and challenges faced within the Kabuku area.

His target audience mainly consists of the youth who live in Kabuku  and SPU students.

The show airs every Thursday between 3-5PM.

Zinduka East Africa by Michael Maina

Michael Maina is a Communication student in Limuru Campus.

He hosts Zinduka East Africa, a weekly show that purely focuses on the youth and entertainment.

Zinduka is a Swahili term which means arise. The programme seeks to address the need for purposeful entertainment targeting the youth.

The show is divided into various segments that tackle issues of alent, politics and popular culture.

Maina’s target audience is “anyone looking for a good time and aged 18-30”. His show airs every Friday between 4-7PM.


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